Descrizione Progetto

Incentive program during Vinitaly in Verona



Vinitaly is a prestigious international wine & spirits exhibition that takes place every year in Verona. With its 150 thousands visitors and over 4 thousands exhibitors is a place worth experiencing.

Day 1: Walking tour in Verona

Arrival in Verona

Private sightseeing with a local tourist guide and visit of Juliet’s house

Day 2: Vinitaly

Attendance to Vinitaly exhibition

Day 3: Tour of Garda Lake

Excursion to Lago di Garda on board of vintage cars animated by the use of road books and games during the tour

Day 4: Romeo and Juliet treasure hunt

Exciting treasure hunt following the plot of the Shakespeare tragedy set in Verona


This program is an example of Incentive in Verona during the Vinitaly Wine Event, Rinascimento Staff is glad to customize a special event for your company. You can send us an e mail to and it will be our pleasure to make a special inedited program for you.