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Emerald Coast



Emerald Coast with its resorts, sandy beaches and marinas is a mix that you’ll find hard to resist.
It is one of the most famous coast of Sardinia located on Sardinia’s northeastern coast between the Gulfs of Arzachena and Cugnana. The airport of Olbia is far just 20 minutes by car.

The name is due to the particular color of the sea, emerald green. The landscapes are breathless.

In the 60s the Aga Khan discovered this wild land and built up an exclusive holiday playground for international jet set, in perfect harmony with the environment.

An excursion to the archipelago of “La Maddalena” is a must. This archipelagos is a National park composed by seven island, that you can visit by boat daily.

Also the hinterland of the Emerald Coast is rich of archeological sites, as the sites of Coddu Ecchiu and Nuraghe La Prisgiona