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Venice is the most romantic city in the world known and famous as the city built on water. Thanks to its strategic position Venice was one of the Maritime Republics, a period of great splendor and wealth for the city of which the city still bears the proof in his sumptuous palaces that overlook the canals. The city is a maze of narrow streets and bridges over the canals passable only on foot or by boat, for its special charm Venice has been listed as World Heritage by Unesco. Typical of the city are the gondolas, a boat trip on one of this through the canals is a must and will give you an unforgettable view of the city from the water, passing under the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs, so named because the prisoners passed through it to reach the prison from the Ducal Palace. Sit in one of the oldest cafes overlooking Piazza San Marco will give you the feeling of stepping back in time. The whole city is full of life, colors and masks during its famous Carnival. Venice is also famous for the glass island of Murano where you can watch the production of blown glass by craftsmen as well as the creation of the famous “Murrine”. The other island is Burano where instead you can buy the famous Venetian lace. The city is filled with visitors and onlookers during the Venice Film Festival as well as during the Biennale. The city has a special charm and will captivate you as it has captivated many famous writers over the centuries including Shakespeare and Thomas Mann.