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Verona is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000, and a splendid city of art, surrounded by the traces of its ancient history and famous for being setting for the Shakespearean tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.

One of the best monument is its Arena, the third-biggest Roman amphitheatre in Italy, and the city emblem. In summertime it becomes the stage for important shows, concerts and operas.

Verona is also known worldwide as the city of lovers who visit the Juliet’s house together with its famous balcony telling of the tragic love story by William Shakespeare.

Piazza Erbe and Piazza dei Signori, are two beautiful squares and examples of perfect historical stratification. Near the Adige River, other remarkable buildings are the fortress of Castelvecchio, the Scaliger Bridge and the Scaliger Arches, superb tombs built for the lords of Verona.

One of the most important events held in the city is Vinitaly, a prestigious international wine & spirits exhibition that takes place every year in April. With its 150 thousands visitors and over 4 thousands exhibitors is a place worth experiencing.

For lovers, held on Valentine’s Day, Verona in Love helps people to declare one’s love for one another with romance gestures of all sorts put up across the city. Red heart lanterns and millions of love notes dot the streets, while free, romantically-themed concerts take place in the romantic Piazza Dei Signore Square.

Finally Bacanal del Gnoco takes place since the Middle Ages and is a Verona’s version of carnival with lots of parties and activities. It all culminates on the Thursday before Lent with a famous parade where 4,000 participants all dressed in masked costumes walk through the streets together with their allegorical hand-made floats, brass bands and drum majorettes.