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The Amalfi Coast takes its name from the town of Amalfi and it is located South of the Sorrento Peninsula, overlooking at the Gulf of Salerno; it is bordered on the East by Vietri sul Mare and west from Positano. Amalfi was one of the four Maritime Republics and it was an important trading power in the Mediterranean between 839 and around 1200. The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of coastline of great beauty both natural and architectural, now protected by Unesco. Each village on the coast has its own soul and its characteristics that make the coast a diverse set of characters and colors.

All towns and villages of the Amalfi Coast are characterized by their remarkable architectural monuments, the Church of San Salvatore de’ Birecto and the monumental complex of Santa Maria Maddalena in the medieval Atrani, the Romanesque Cathedral in Amalfi and its “Cloister of Paradise,” with their oriental influences. Villa Rufolo, Piazza Vescovado and the majestic Cathedral in Ravello. Furore with its typical murales and its famous fjord where every year take place the World Championship Diving from Great Heights.

The Amalfi Coast is also known for its traditional products such as limoncello. An aromatic liqueur obtained through the distillation in alcohol of the essence of lemon, using the peel of the fruit freshly picked.

The calendar of exhibitions, events and festivals in the area is very large, just to name some of the most important:
– Historical Regatta
– Festival of the tradition
– Underwater Nativity Scene (Smeraldo Grotto)