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Incentive during the Palio di Siena Horse Race in Siena



The Palio is not just an horse race, it is one of the most famous event in Italy. It takes place every year on July 02nd and August 16th from 1644 (exception for the years of the two world wars). The race is linked to the religious field (it celebrates the miraculous apparition of the Virgin Mary) and to the story of the city (the birth of the Contradas, the districts of the old and modern Siena).

Day 1: Walking tour in Siena

Arrival in Siena

Private sightseeing with a local tourist guide

Day 2: San Gimignano and hot-air ballons

Visit to the UNESCO world heritage site set in the hills of the province of Siena and excursion on board of hot-air ballons

Day 3: Palio di Siena

Attendance to the event

Day 4: Relax in the Tuscan hills

Day at leasure in Siena


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