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Incentive in Venice During Carnival Event



Incentive sample programme during Venice Carnival

The Carnival of Venice is one the most known and colourful carnivals of the world. Nine hundred years old, it offers 10 days of entertainment when you can admire thousands of masks wandering through the streets and gathering in the historical palaces for exclusive gala or romantic meetings

Day 1: Walking tour in Venice and gondola ride

Arrival in Venice

Private sightseeing with a local tourist guide and final gondola ride through the canals of the city

Day 2: The eagle flight and the best costume contest

Participation in the Carnival celebrations throughout the city

Day 3: Masks workshop and masquerade ball

Attendance to Carnival masks workshop and farewell costume party

Day 4: Prosecco tasting

Visit and tasting at one of the best Prosecco winery of the area


This program is an example of Incentive in Venice during a the Great Carnival, Rinascimento Staff is glad to customize a special event for your company. You can send us an e mail to and it will be our pleasure to make a special inedited program for you.