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The city in the middle of the lands, the fashion capital of the world, and the second biggest city of Italy- Milan (Milano).

Was badly damaged during World War II, a third of the city was rebuilt, and now miraculously combines in his appearance with its medieval monuments and ultramodern business districts.

In 1157, Milan was one of the first independent city-states, but its self-administration was quite short. From 1277 to 1500 the city was governed in turn by a dynasty of Visconti and then by Sforza family, the last one made an invaluable contribution to the architectural and historical heritage of the city. It was subjugated first by the French and by the Spanish: this was the time of the Renaissance that motivated Gian Galeazzo Visconti, Francesco Sforza and Ludovico il Moro to produce their greatest works like the Duomo, the Castello Sforzesco, San Satiro and Santa Maria delle Grazie, this church is included in the UNESCO World Heritage sites list. The church contains the mural of The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Depicting Christ and his disciples at the dramatic moment when Christ reveals he’s aware of his betrayal. The fresco was commissioned in 1495 and completed in 1487.

No less interesting and significant places of Milan is the most ancient architectural monuments – the Basilica of Sant ‘Ambrogio (IV century ) , Brera Art Gallery which houses one of the main art collections of Renaissance art in Italy with over 500 works dating from the 14th- 20th century , and the art Gallery Ambrosiana .

Milan is also world famous for its opera house “La Scala”, built in 1778, on the stage which are the best opera singers of our time. Theatre, of course, played a huge role in the development of Italian music and culture.

Another face of today’s Milan – the face of trendsetter, Mecca shopaholics. Expensive, exclusive and chic, the birthplace of Armani and Versace. In Milan, is concentrated a huge number of boutiques of well-known designers, fashion houses , the “monsters” of fashion-industry, stores, outlets and markets, and collecting customers from all over the world.

Today Milan – is a business and industrial center of Italy. The city focused board of the largest monopolies, banks, stock exchanges. It was settled in Milan, the world famous corporations, such as “Pirelli” and “Alfa Romeo”. Milan has a huge exposition area, which are carried out throughout the year industrial exhibitions, attracts participants from around the world.

Every year on 7th December Milan invites to La Scala Opening night. Piazza della Scala fills with feather boas and black ties as the great and good assemble for La Scala’s first night of the season. In the early april Milan goes party with the MiArt festivalof the contemporary and modern art shows, which brings together critics, collectors, artists and dealers; cultural and fringe events kick off all over the city. When in the middle of April, takes place of one of the world’s largest exhibitions of furniture and fittings from top global designers.

Not the most important fashion event in Milan takes place in june and it does bring some of the world’s best-looking men to the city. Another Fashion week starts in September, during the week leading Italian designers present their women’s collections for spring and summer. In the middle of January take place Men’s fashion week for autumn and winter. Milan’s moment in the fashion spotlight takes place in the late February. Catwalks are assembled at venues in Milan from shops to private spaces.