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Pisa is a nice city of Tuscany most famous for its Leaning Tower located in dei Miracoli complex, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, consists of a square of monuments of inestimable value and great appeal for tourists: the Duomo and the baptistry, both in Pisan Romanesque; the cemetery and the Bell Tower, known as the Leaning Tower and standing out against a green lawn. The Tower’s incline, due to subsidence, has made this monument famous the world over, and it is by now the official city symbol.

One of the most important event in Pisa is La Luminara di San Ranieri, celebrated on June16th when the city centre is decorated with thousands of candles which light up the Lungarni. The peak of the celebrations of the day is represented by a fireworks show but the party goes on until the following morning with music and dancing in the streets.

On June 17th it’s San Ranieri’s Day, the patron Saint of the city celebrated with a Regatta of the Historical Quarters of Pisa and a street market through the entire city centre.

Finally on the last Sunday of June there is another big event: Gioco del Ponte, for the people of Pisa is as important as the Palio for the people of Siena. It takes place on the Ponte di Mezzo, where the teams of the different quarters of the city play a game consisting of pushing a cart towards the rivals’ side of the bridge using only the strength of their necks.